2am rant about what I am watching.

The night before I went to Vegas, I somehow found myself watching a ridiculous yet appealing Lifetime movie which I found out later to be Blue Lagoon: the Awakening. Basically, two hormonal teenagers Dean and Emma, who are from different cliques, get stranded on an island for a long time. They eventually develop sexual chemistry and have sex at least 3 times everyday (from what I gathered). Both characters who are extremely attractive, just happen to be in colors that bring out their eyes and Emma’s hair always looks gently dryer blown and slightly curled. It was ridiculous but I strangely liked it. Oh and the acting was horrible, but they were both hot so who cares. 

Now I just watching the original Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields. Richard and Emmaline were stranded on the island when they were like 5, with this old pirate guy Paddy who basically taught them that there was a boogey monster and that if they went to the other side of the island they would break the law. Oh and he taught them basic survival skills. That is all the socialization they got. Then he died and they built themselves a 2 story hut with a porch and a slide. Then they got to the puberty stage of life- Richard had “funny hairs” on his legs and Emmaline was bleeding from her vagina- and they were freaked out (who isn’t!!). Then they get all horny and start kissing romantically. After this sexual discovery, they see sea turtles doing it so they basically imitate them and have sex a lot. Then bam Emmaline’s stomach moves on its own and she has a baby while Richard is just freaking out (how would you feel if you saw someone giving birth but didn’t know what was happening?). Right after this scene, Richard asks “How did that baby come out of you?” Emmaline replies I don’t know… HELLO! You had sex. Oh wait they don’t know that. So the little baby, who I think her name was Betty, grows, walks, learns to swim and such. Then they get stranded in a boat, Betty eats death berries, Richard and Emmaline eat the berries that supposedly put you to sleep and then you never wake up, and that’s the movie. Oh and they are pretty much naked the whole time.

This movie basically shows how we would be if we were not socialized the way were are. They were so innocent. They thought a rock was God. They thought the boogey man existed. They didn’t know what sex did but enjoyed it. I think this movie should be shown in Sociology classes, even though this movie is R rated… that was in 1980 though.

Okay so I stayed up late because I got sucked into this movie that screwed with my brain and made me laugh. And now there is a little boy on the TV playing the accordion  Wow what a night of television. 

Moral of this post: if you want to watch something entertaining, watch Blue Lagoon, then Blue Lagoon the Awakening, and then finish the night by watching the Lawrence Welk Christmas Special.